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Expert Witness Reports

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Expert Witness Report $1295 $995*

Each Additional Expert Witness Report on the same case $1295 $795*


To obtain the $795 rate, the payment and request must be made at the same time as the $995 rate/ first expert requested. This is a great option if you want multiple opinions at the same time for a greatly reduced rate. IMEs, Accident reconstruction cases/biomedical engineering, life care planning/Economist reports, Neurosurgeons. Vaccination cases and Forensic Pathologist, have a separate fee schedule arrangement due to the extensive nature and time involved in these cases. *If a specific request such as the location, school affiliation, etc., of an expert, our reduced fee schedule may not apply. Please call our office for details.


Step 1

  • $995* for the first 100 pages of medical records
  • $1.75 for each additional page
  • $3—$6 for the review of deposition transcripts, research material as well as x-ray images. The review of items on CD (x-rays, CTs and MRIs) ranges from $100—$700 per CD. The cost to review these and other materials on CDs will be determined by our Director based on the volume of material required for review.

Step 2

  • $695—2995 depending on specialty. Please note that this fee is only paid if you receive a supportive Medical Expert Witness Report (verbal or written) from Step 1 and/or you need the signed report and/or name of the Expert. We try to keep this cost in the lower range, as our goal is to build a long-standing relationship with you and contain your costs for case reviews and Expert Witnesses.
  • Additional costs for all future services from the Expert, including any addendum reports, deposition, and trial testimony, are pre-paid by you or your client directly to each Expert.

For the convenience of your billing and accounting records, AME accepts all major credit cards:

*If a specific request such as the location, school affiliation, etc., of an expert, our reduced fee schedule may not apply.  

*Prices reflect the July 2017 Rate | expires July 31, 2017

*** If missing documents are requested to complete the review, or sent to AME after the review of your case has begun, or if additional work is requested, hourly rates will be applied and billed (Complete Case Review $600 per hour and Expert Witness Reports rates are based on the Medical Expert's fee schedule). In many cases, the items for review will be billed and payment must be received prior to the review of the materials. In some cases, as with additional work or research requested, the billing may be after the work is complete. The time (hours for review) for additional documents to be reviewed will be based on an approximate time frame from our Director at a minimum of 1 hour. If the time to review the documents exceeds the approximate time, payment for the additional time will be required prior to releasing the report(s) to the Attorney.




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