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How You Benefit From AME

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American Medical Experts has a very unique service and fee structure to benefit attorneys. AME contains your (upfront) cost for your cases to be reviewed (our Complete Case Reviews by our in-house Medical Directors) and to obtain favorable expert witnesses to support your cases at trial (Expert Witness Reports).

AME reduces your fee to a flat rate and absorbs the cost for both of our services: our in-house Complete Case Reviews and Expert Witness Reports. Instead of charging / billing you and your clients an hourly rate, (average rates for the review of records by Experts can range from $400-$600 per hour or higher), usually with a number of hours in advance (not knowing if the report/expert is supportive of your case) we only charge $695 for Complete Case Reviews and $995 for Expert Witness Reports (up to 100 pages for all documents reviewed and $1.75 for each additional page reviewed) for our Complete Case review and an Expert Witness Reports. *click here to view our complete Fee Schedule.

American Medical Experts opened its doors to assist attorneys by reviewing cases/ medical records and containing their fees for these reviews (our in-house Complete Case Reviews) as well as obtaining reports from Expert Witnesses.

AME drastically reduces the upfront fees for you and your clients in order to contain your cost and financial exposure by screening out your cases and obtaining favorable Medical Expert Witnesses so that you only work with and invest your time and resources on solid cases.

When you have obtained an Expert Witness Report from AME at our reduced rates, you have an Expert Witness who has spent many hours reviewing your case, preparing their report(s) and is ready to move forward (deposition, trial, etc) on your case as your Expert Witness.

We look forward to assisting you and your clients with all of your Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury cases.