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Hip Conditions and Knee Pain Medical Malpractice

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SYNOPSIS (AME#15898888) Privacy

October 30, 2015
Knee pain with no obvious x-ray or physical exam findings should bring up a red flag to automatically check the hip. It is well known and taught in medical schools, that the same nerve-the obturator nerve-innervates both joints. Therefore, an elderly patient commonly can present to an emergency room complaining of knee pain after a fall. Then after emergency room physician review of x-rays showing a knee without any acute fractures, the patient is sent home only to return the next day with complaints of hip pain with x-rays showing a displaced hip fracture requiring a major operation.


Tubal Ligation Sterilization Causing Intestine Perforation

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October 25, 2015
Laparoscopic tubal ligation surgery is performed through a narrow pipe inserted into the abdomen. Either a clip is placed across each fallopian tube, or it is cauterized (burned by the passage of electricity through a segment of each tube, causing it to char and seal).



Anesthesiology Case - Medical Malpractice

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Privacy September 14, 2015
After any major chest or abdominal surgery, the patient has pain, may not be able to cough well, and may develop pneunonia. The doctor has to be sure that the patient is breathing properly, has physical therapy for the chest problems, or suction of the throat and trachea if needed. A tracheostomy, which is a cut in the windpipe, for direct and frequent suctioning of chronic lung patients, should be performed when indicated. If their lungs are failing, they should be given adequate oxygen by putting them on a respirator (ventilator). All these are parameters which have to be reviewed with regard to postoperative care of patients.

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