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Neonatal Nursing Expert Witness

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Neonatal nursing is a medical specialty in which nurses monitor an unborn baby and the pregnant mother in order to immediately detect any conditions that could make the pregnancy and/or delivery riskier. Nurses use a variety of emerging technologies to diagnose and treat diseases in the fetus or mother.


American Medical Experts (AME) is the Nation’s Leading Source of Medical Experts for Case Review and Testimony. We are a trusted partner of both Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys nationwide because we work directly with the most credible expert witnesses.

American Medical Experts offers the lowest rates in the industry for Complete Case Reviews ($695) and Expert Witness Reports ($995). Affidavits of Merit, Petitions, and Certificates of Merit (depending on your state requirements) are also available at the lowest rates. American Medical Experts works with the most Experienced and Credible Medical Expert Witnesses in the country.


Our goal is to contain your costs and obtain the most qualified Medical Expert Witness for your cases and to build a long-standing relationship with you, our valued attorney clients.


Our Flat Rate Fee Schedule is designed to contain your costs for Complete Case Reviews and Expert Witness Reports. Visit our Expert Witness Directory for a complete listing of our experienced and credible Medical Expert Witnesses. American Medical Experts also offers Rush Service if you are under a time constraint and need your Expert Witness Report immediately.

We have over 30 years of experience working with the most highly-qualified, board-certified expert witnesses in the industry. Let our experience work for you!

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American Medical Experts: Expert Witnesses, Expert Witness Reports, Expert Witness Directory, Complete Case Reviews, Experienced and Credible Medical Expert Witnesses; Flat Rate Fee Schedule and the Lowest Rates. Rush Service Available.

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