To get started and upload your records, contact our office and we will send you a secure link and instructions to proceed.


If you choose to send your case to AME via e-mail, please follow these specific instructions to ensure complete delivery of your files:

  • Use a pdf format or jpeg image file for all files.
  • Do not allow your email to exceed 10MB.
  • To maximize your page count per file and obtain a clear, legible copy, please scan documents at a resolution between 200 and 300 dpi.
  • To upload your records, call our office at either 703-542-4911 or toll-free 888-678-EXPERTS to request a secure link and provide the total page count of the records to be uploaded.
  • If you have additional items for review that cannot be transmitted via email (x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.), make sure you let our office know.

Items to include with your case (applies to ALL sending options):

  • Cover letter: In your cover letter let us know whether you require a Complete Case Review or an Expert Witness Report (please see our Flat Rate Fee Schedule for details of each service). If you require an Expert Witness Report, you must specify the exact specialty of the Expert that you need to review your case in writing (i.e., Neurosurgeon, Plastic Surgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, etc.) as well as any specific requirements for this expert, (type of procedure involved, active practice, teaching, any statute requirements etc.).
  • Please specify the legalese (legal language) required for your expert witness report (i.e. state requirements), upfront prior to the review by the expert.  Please note that expert witnesses are not attorneys, they will need specific language to meet your state requirements; affidavit, certificates etc. are typically supplied and prepared (format, correct legalese) by the attorney on the case.  The expert will update the medical language and their expert opinion.
  • Statement of facts: If possible, please include a statement of facts and any questions you would like to have addressed. In addition, if you include a statement from your client, we recommend that the statement is written in an Affidavit format. Note: if you request a verbal opinion, be sure to mention it in your cover letter, as written reports are part of our standard service (please see our fee schedule for details).
  • Medical Records: For the Medical Records or documents to be reviewed, examine each page to make sure copies are legible. If possible, medical records should be organized in the following order (Hospital format):
    • Admission Information (“Face”) Sheet
    • Laboratory Reports
    • Discharge Summary
    • Graphic Sheets -Temperature, Pulse, Blood, Admission History & Physical Pressure
    • Doctor’s Progress Notes
    • Procedures (operative notes, anesthesia, x-rays, CTs MRI)
    • Consultation Reports, etc.
    • Doctor’s Orders
    • All Nursing Notes

If the records are still in the order in which you received them from the hospital, this does not necessarily mean they are complete, we recommend that you request a certified complete copy. Also include the total pages of medical records, x-rays and/or photographs you are submitting. We prefer to receive copies of all records, however, if you must send the originals, we require a clause releasing American Medical Experts from any liability from loss or damage.

X-rays, CTs MRI, Images, etc.: When relevant to your case, x-ray studies are often requested by our Experts so they may be reviewed. Many find the x-ray reports alone to be an unacceptable basis for their opinion. The x-rays you send to us should be good quality copies. You can obtain copies from the Hospital. Check each x-ray to ensure that your client’s name, the date, and the type of study that was performed is legible. As previously mentioned, we recommend that you send copies. Note: In fracture cases, x-rays when the acute injury is evaluated and treated, follow-up x-rays, (usually taken 8-10 days after the fracture is cast), and x-rays are taken at the completion of therapy. In cases having to do with contrast studies, i.e., arteriograms, venograms, intravenous pyelogram (IVP), barium studies, CT scans, and MRIs, copies of all the pertinent films should be obtained for the Expert’s review when relevant. Also, images, when relevant (i.e. plastic surgery cases) can be valuable to your case. Call our office if you have any questions.


Transcripts can be helpful to your case to clarify the level of training and expertise of the party being deposed, as well as any details, facts, or opinions that appear to be relevant to your case.


Include your Firm’s check for the correct amount and make it payable to: American Medical Experts, LLC. Be sure to include the appropriate fee for our Complete Case Review, Expert Witness Report, Expedited Fee, voluminous records charge as well as all other services we provide are listed on our Fee Schedule page or call our office and we will assist you.

For the convenience of your billing and accounting records, AME accepts all major credit cards: per our office policy, we do NOT accept personal checks or credit card transactions from your clients. If your clients are going to be paying for their case review, we require a cashier’s check or money orders.


Should you request a report under our expedited service options (please see our fee schedule page for details), include the date you require the report to be completed. The average time a report is completed is between 3-6 weeks for standard service. If you need a report within or before this date, we recommend using the expedited service options.

*The value of sending us a comprehensive (complete) set of medical records and studies cannot be stressed enough. The Experts cannot comment on information that has not been provided to them for review. What you consider unimportant may be crucial in aiding the Expert Witness in establishing their opinion. We, therefore, discourage culling of the records prior to sending them to us. Call our staff for assistance in determining what records are essential for review.

*If missing documents are requested or sent to AME after the review of your case has begun, hourly rates (per AME’s fee schedule on a Complete Case Review or the Expert’s fee schedule on the Expert Witness Reports will be billed prior to reviewing those items. The time (hours for review) for these additional items to be reviewed will be based on an approximate time frame from our Director at a minimum of 1 hour.”