Patients & Families



American Medical Experts, LLC helps patients and families who have been possible victims of medical malpractice and personal injury cases only if you have legal counsel / legal representation on your case.  We only speak directly with your attorney.


NOTE: American Medical Experts can only assist on cases from individuals if they have a legal representation. You must have a retained attorney in order for AME to assist you with your case. We do not work with Pro Se Litigants directly.  

We can have our experts review your case to see if it has merit only working with your attorney. We cannot guarantee a supportive opinion on your case since our medical expert witnesses provide honest, unbiased opinions on the merit, or lack of merit, of your case. We want to help you in your case as much as possible, but in some cases, the expert may be unable to see any instance(s) of malpractice or liability in the facts. American Medical Experts has no control over the opinions written by the expert witnesses and is therefore not responsible if you do not receive a supportive opinion. In addition, American Medical Experts has the right to decline your case for any reason.

As you know, American Medical Experts, LLC cannot guarantee the availability of the experts as well as the opinions of any expert, how well they will do under cross-examination, or how they will do in deposition or trial testimony and we cannot guarantee their level of future cooperation.

Please note that all future arrangements for the Expert’s anticipated professional time and services, including any additional written reports/ addendum reports, deposition, travel, and trial testimony, are pre-paid by you; please contact our office right away to get dates, times and requirements so we can check and try and secure the expert’s availability. The retaining attorney is expected to furnish all relevant documents and materials to the expert witness directly as they are obtained and to provide all requested documents, materials and examinations as discovery rules permit; this is not the responsibility of American Medical Experts.

Once you have read the above disclaimer and agree to its stipulations, please have your attorney contact our office.