Orthopedic Expert Witness Report: Severe Thumb Injury

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Medical records review and treatment of severe thumb injury of Jackson G.

I, ******, MD, am a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has been in continuous active practice for 35 years. During my t residency, the chairman of my residency program was a hand surgeon. Also during my residency, I had a mini-fellowship in hand surgery and reconstructive hand surgery. During the first 28 years of my practice experience, I was very active in having hand surgery as my subspecialty of orthopedics and treated hundreds of finger injuries. For several years I was the company hand surgeon of choice for a large steel mill which frequently had not only single but multiple traumatic finger amputations. I have also treated pediatric hand injuries, not only crush injuries but blast injuries and sharp lacerations as well. In the adult population in addition to all forms of trauma, I also performed carpal tunnel releases; Dupuytren’s excisions and joint reconstruction surgery with implants for severe arthritis. I am very familiar with and have used various means of fracture fixation in the hand, frequently with staged procedures.

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