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For over three decades, our Directors at American Medical Experts, LLC (AME) have helped thousands of plaintiff  and defense attorneys along with Insurance companies nationwide to obtain valuable expert witness reports, independent medical examinations - IMEs, Life Care Plans, expert opinions in automobile accidents, workers’ compensation, federal claims, DUI cases, disability as well as all medical malpractice and personal injury cases. We have done so by working with over 10,000 world-renowned medical experts in all specialties nationwide. 

American Medical Experts, LLC is approved vendor for obtaining expert witnesses for dozens of insurances companies and government (Federal and State) agencies  and American Medical Experts also is a BBB ACCREDITED BUSINESS and has an A+ rating.



American Medical Experts is the nation's leading source of Expert Witnesses for Wrongful Death cases, Nursing Home Negligence cases, Independent Medical Examinations - IMEs, DUI cases, Medical Expert Witness Reports, Affidavits, Certificates of Merit, etc. (depending on your State requirements), Life Care Plans, automobile accidents cases, workers’ compensation, federal claims, disability as well as all areas of medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

AME has Expedited / Rush options to make sure we meet your legal deadline. Call: 888-678-3973, 888-678- EXPERTS, or 703-542-8362 to get more information today.

At American Medical Experts, our goal is to obtain the most qualified experts for your cases, reduce your case costs, and build a long-standing relationship with you. To fulfill that goal, we offer the lowest flat rate fees for the best medical expert witnesses in the industry.

Complete Case Reviews

For a limited time only, our Complete Case Reviews are available for as low as $895 $695. In the Complete Case Review, AME's Senior Medical Consultants will conduct a thorough review of your case and write a detailed report (or verbal opinion). Click to find out more about our Complete Case Reviews.

Expert Witness Reports

Our Expert Witness Reports are now as low as $1295 $995. A qualified specialist will look at the specifics of your case. We work with medical experts in all areas of medical specialties. View our Expert Witness Directory for a complete list of the thousands of medical specialties we offer.

If you would like to obtain the opinions of several expert witnesses from different specialties simultaneously, we can contain your costs for those by providing each additional Expert Witness Report for only $1295 $795.


Click to find out more about our Expert Witness Reports.

Low Flat Rate Fee Schedule

AME's Complete Case Reviews and Expert Witness Reports dramatically contain your costs in obtaining expert witnesses for your medical malpractice and personal injury cases. For more information about the rates for these services, or about obtaining Affidavits of Merit, Petitions, or Certificates of Merit for the lowest rates possible, click to view our Flat Rate Fee Schedule.


Complimentary Medical Malpractice Newsletter

Our expert witnesses write free, exclusive medical malpractice tips that we provide, for your interest, on our website and in a monthly email newsletter. To read past articles, view our Medical Malpractice Tips page. You can also sign up to receive the newsletters in your inbox by clicking on the banner on the right.

Expert Witnesses

Our medical expert witnesses can work on a variety of medical malpractice and personal injury cases for both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

AME can help with medical malpractice and personal injury cases for both plaintiff and defense lawyers

AME can provide you with an expert witness in any medical specialty. A partial list of featured specialties is:


Allergy/Immunology Expert Witness Gastroenterology Expert Witness Nephrology Expert Witness Pharmacology Expert Witness
Anesthesiology Expert Witness General Surgery Expert Witness Neurology Expert Witness Physiatry Expert Witness
Autopsy & Forensic Pathology Expert Witness Genetics Expert Witness Neurosurgery Expert Witness Plastic Surgery Expert Witness
Breast Implants Expert Witness Gynecology Expert Witness Nursing Expert Witness Podiatry Expert Witness
Cardiology Expert Witness Hand Surgery Expert Witness OB/GYN Expert Witness Pulmonary Expert Witness
Cardiovascular Surgery Expert Witness Hematology Expert Witness Obstetrics Expert Witness Radiation Oncology Expert Witness
Chiropractic Expert Witness Hospital Administration Expert Witness Oncology Expert Witness Radiology Expert Witness
Dental Expert Witness Independent Medical Exams Expert Witness Ophthalmology Expert Witness Rehabilitation Medicine Expert Witness
Dermatology Expert Witness Infectious Disease Expert Witness Oral Surgery Expert Witness Rheumatology Expert Witness
Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) Expert Witness Internal Medicine Expert Witness Orthopedic Surgery Expert Witness Thoracic Surgery Expert Witness
Emergency Medicine Expert Witness Interventional Radiology Expert Witness Pain Management Expert Witness Urology Expert Witness
Family Practice Expert Witness Labor & Delivery Expert Witness Pathology Expert Witness Vascular Surgery Expert Witness


These are only some of the medical specialties we offer. For a complete listing of the available specialties of all of our medical expert witnesses, view our Expert Witness Directory.

Our expert witnesses are not only available in all specialties, but also in all states. We have a nationwide network of experts to fit all your needs.


AME has experts across the nation

Alabama (AL); Alaska (AK); Arizona (AZ); Arkansas (AR); California (CA); Colorado (CO); Connecticut (CT); Delaware (DE); District of Columbia (DC); Florida (FL); Georgia (GA); Hawaii (HI); Idaho (ID); Illinois (IL); Indiana (IN); Iowa (IA); Kansas (KS); Kentucky (KY); Louisiana (LA); Maine (ME); Maryland (MD); Massachusetts (MA); Michigan (MI); Minnesota (MN); Mississippi (MS); Missouri (MO); Montana (MT); Nebraska (NE); Nevada (NV); New Hampshire (NH); New Jersey (NJ); New Mexico (NM); New York (NY); North Carolina (NC); North Dakota (ND); Ohio (OH); Oklahoma (OK); Oregon (OR); Pennsylvania (PA); Puerto Rico (PR); Rhode Island (RI); South Carolina (SC); South Dakota (SD); Tennessee (TN); Texas (TX); Utah (UT); Vermont (VT); Virginia (VA); Washington (WA); West Virginia (WV); Wisconsin (WI); Wyoming (WY)

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