Life Care Planner: A Roadmap For Care

A Life Care Plan is a roadmap for care, describing anticipated medical and non-medical needs, with associated costs, of a person with a catastrophic injury or chronic illness over an estimated lifespan. It is based on standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, collaboration with all medical professionals, and analysis of medical records.

Life Care Planner’s help patients who have suffered catastrophic injuries and illnesses, advocate for them and plan out their care. Nurse Life Care Planners work with a patient’s family, insurance company, attorneys, and others to develop a life care plan, determining the future needs, services, and costs of care for the patient over their lifetime. Many Nurse Life Care Planners work independently from the hospital system, acting as a consultant for businesses, families, or courts of law. Because of life care plans, patients’ caregivers know how often they need to schedule appointments, what to expect in terms of rehabilitation, and what the course of medical care will look like.

Life Care planners are professional registered nurses with education and expertise in preparing and reviewing Life Care Plans, including medical record review, research, legal aspects, and particular course content on catastrophic or chronic conditions. As a registered nurse, we base our independent practice on the nursing process and nursing diagnosis.

Life Care planners will provide the appropriate documentation to support the medical services, supplies, and equipment that injured party will need for a reasonable quality of life in relation to their injuries. Expert witnessing is provided for each case.