MRSA (Staph) infection

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a very serious infection. MRSA is the cause of approximately 18,000 American deaths each year. This bacterial germ is present in many hospitals and can be spread through inadequate sterility techniques, including the failure of hospital and medical personnel to wash their hands thoroughly between patients, as well as breach of sterile operating technique.

Obtain the hospital’s documents on infection prevention to document the failures of following their own standards.

Infectious Disease Case Strategy

The way to handle infection cases is very interesting. If you can show the operation was not indicated, then any complication from that unnecessary operation is a negligent act. Secondly, was the patient at higher risk for the operation? Were prophylactic antibiotics not given prior to, during and after surgery? Was the patient not timely seen with proper consultation and treatment for infection? In most large cities and/or teaching centers, there are specialists who do practically nothing else but consult and treat infections. Were there infections on or in the patient’s body at the time of an elective operation? If so, the surgery should have been postponed. Was the patient placed into a room before or after surgery where infected patients were located? This doesn’t always mean there’s a higher risk, but it’s good jury appeal.

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