Orthopedic Foot and ankle Expert Witness Report

To Whom it May Concern:

Re: Medical Records of Carl K. and litigation filed by wife and children.

I, ********, M. D., have been asked to review the medical records of the above-named individual, now decedent, in a malpractice action pertaining to a simple foot surgery with resulting pulmonary embolism and death. The wife has filed a wrongful death suit. I have no financial interest in the outcome of this suit.

I am a board-certified surgeon with 35 years of active full-time practice. I have performed foot and ankle surgery all these years and my current job duties at the ********** Medical center involve performing foot and ankle surgery. I have performed talo -navicular foot fusions as well as other fusions in the foot and ankle. While at the Tucson VA from 2003-2007, I served as Chief of Orthopedics but also was involved in serving as an attending on the podiatry service and performing complicated foot and ankle surgery with the podiatry residents. The risk of post-op VTE was always considered and acted upon with these cases.

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Orthopedic Surgeon Expert Witness Report

To whom it may concern:

I, **************, MD, have been asked to review medical records of the above-named person.  These records pertain to the treatment of her knee arthritis and subsequent severe complications of wound dehiscence with multi-organism deep infection, wound necrosis, and multiple operations with plastic surgery.

I am a board-certified orthopedic surgeon has been in continuous active practice for 34 years. I have performed hundreds of total knee arthroplasties and revisions during this entire practice period.  I am currently an attending orthopedic surgeon at the ***** **** *****. I am involved in teaching orthopedic residents. At this medical center, we have concrete criteria for candidates for total knee arthroplasties.

In the process of review of records which are listed below, I have formed opinions which are outlined below and which are based on my education, my practice experience, and my continuing education. These opinions are based on scientific principles and evidence-based orthopedic literature.  I reserve the right to modify or supplement these opinions should additional opinions become available.  Should this case come to litigation, I have no financial interest in the outcome.

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